Human Toolbox

LeftAlign1) The identifying, naming, and retrieving of specific, distinct archetypes that reside internally.

2) The recognition that each archetype correlates to a specific brain state, recursion, and cortical map, most commonly thought of as a mindset.

3) The use of specific archetypes for best meeting the conditions that present themselves.

4) The conscious choice to up-regulate a specific, more optimal mindset or archetype.

5) Discovering optimal ways to perceive, interpret, and respond based on the most optimal archetype available.

6) Developing a relationship with many different archetypes (tools) so that the “inner toolbox” is ready for anything.

7) The concept that each person is a human toolbox and that all personas, cast of characters, states of being, attitudes, hats we wear, etc. are all tools (archetypes) we can use when necessary to address optimally the calls we have to answer.

8) The analogy that each person is a CEO of a major board and that one of the most important jobs of the CEO is to extract the wisdom and suggestions from the other board members who otherwise would not participate in the meeting.

9) The assessing and addressing of the various states of being that spontaneously present themselves at specific know you will bring about greater results.

A Deeper Dive

RightAlignHere's a video explaining the Human Toolbox and how we have many versions of ourselves living inside of ourselves.

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