Forward Healing

One of the original psycho-technologies brought forth by Dr. Michael. Forward Healing was the catalyst which gave rise to Successions and the name Greaterness Coaching. The purpose of introducing Forward Healing was to differentiate it from conventional healing, whereby people strive to return to a previous point in time, a time before they were hurting, sick, abused, diagnosed, etc. The main premise of Forward Healing is learning to step well into your ever-emerging, on-coming newer life.
The Five Phases in the Forward Healing Process:
1) Reactive Phase
2) Readiness Phase
3) Consideration Phase
4) Response-Able Phase
5) Rinse and Repeat Phase

Moving Forward / Solution-Focused Living

When you meet your life where it is going, you are participating in Forward Healing. You cannot go back in time. To "heal," you have to move forward. More importantly, you have to move forward well, better than you have in the past. Meeting each new moment well, therefore, involves meeting your newer, ever-emerging self well.

Forward Healing with Drea Kelly & Dr. Michael

In 2021, a new TV show called Forward Healing premiered on AIB Network. Hosted by Dr. Michael with Drea Kelly, the pilot was aired to rave reviews and is being offered to other outlets for continuous production. The TV program showcased the power of Forward Healing while tackling some very difficult topics that are unfortunately all too common in our culture today. Apparently, the world is ready for it. Watch the pilot Here!


Here is a video by Dr. Michael going over the five phases in the Forward Healing Process.

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