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Succeeding Together...

A thriving workplace comes when there is empowering stimului. We bring it, the tools for keeping it real, fresh, fun, and rewarding. How? By sharing from a greater perspective, we give your teammates the power to make excellent shifts. We build a team-first culture, which demands outside-the-box conversations. If you do not directly address the real dynamics your team consistently faces on a day-to-day basis, your initiatives can only bring minimal results at best and, sadly, those minimal results will only last so long.

Unlike most team building workshops, we do not simply present information or blindly facilitate break-out groups. Most prudently, we teach practical skills that are highly beneficial for your specific people in many areas of their lives. For this reason, these tools are practiced more often, which means greater integration for you and your people.

We facilitate productive learning by combining stimulating and engaging content with extremely useful team building practices. If necessary, we will incorporate role playing and/or brainstorming to get important points across. In fact, we are capable of doing almost anything on the spot to ensure that our program is right for you and your team.


Fun Challenge

Plenty of hands-on examples in our team-building workshops
make the time we spend together fun and productive.
We leave a positive, lasting impression.

Team Building Entertainment

Our programs are entertaining and engaging. We are so confident that you will appreciate our approach and the results we produce in improving both morale and efficiency that we are making a truly ridiculous offer. Bring us in for just 90 minutes or less and watch what happens to your people. Where's the ridiculous offer? You pay only $300 for up to 90 minutes. If, afterwards, you are interested in a full-day or half-day workshop, you can book us for significantly less than our closest competitors. Our rates are $850 for a half-day and $1700 for a full-day (plus travel).

In this economy, we do our part in making employee coaching highly affordable, beyond making our programs extraordinary. In addition, we work closely with your contact person beforehand to tailor your team building training program so that it will directly meet your specific needs. We can include bullet points from sales training, time management, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, or some other training topic to make this workshop the best it could be.

Give us a call at 770-912-9197. You will NOT regret the minimal investment of time and money. In fact, you will most likely wish you would have called us sooner. Sounds too good to be true? Well given that we also present workshops on customer service, we role model the importance of building high quality successful relationships. Give us the opportunity and we will do everything in our power to give you the greatest value. Call (888-331-5153) or e-mail us. We'll secure a date, a location, an approximate number of people attending, and whether you're ultimately looking for a whole day (up to 6 hours) or half day (up to 3 hours) training program. That's it. We'll take it from there.

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